Blow by Blow, Break by Break, Making a Break…Through

Blow by Blow, Break by Break, Making a Break…Through

After 18 months and roughly 47,000 personnel hours, I am proud to announce the launch of Agordia’s 1st app: AgordiaMD!

So many of you have been incredibly supportive and provided valuable feedback. On behalf of the entire Agordia team, please accept our sincere gratitude.

It has been 18 months since our 1st funding round for Agordia, which officially closed on September 6, 2017. That same day our office and headquarters were hit by Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record at the time. Our office closed, and later the next week we got back to work. Then one week later (September 20) our office was hit by Hurricane Maria and the island lost communication and electrical power. Within the following 2 weeks, I was able to get the majority of employees to stay in my home and get to work…

Wow! What a start. Arguably, this placed Agordia in the “extreme category” of uniquely rough starts. In January, with a painful radiculopathy substantially impacting the use of my left arm (my “working” arm) we got the majority of the right team in place. The prior months were focused on building our planned core initial offering of HIPAA compliant messaging. Due to the repeated breaks, this feature had to be tabled and we rapidly moved to building sufficient utility for users by leveraging the additional features that were to originally exist around the core message feature. So, our collection of side dishes were now our main dish. This was not a pivot (which can be defined as a change in customer and a change in problem) as we were solving same problem for same customer, albeit with different features. Then in April, my beloved father passed (miss you Dad).

So at this point I asked myself: “Okay, can we get a break?” My answer: “Sure, by making a breakthrough”.

The Breakthrough…In May 2018, we identified a technology stack that was only 2 months old, a stack that could be used for HIPAA compliant communication. Not only that, but we could implement ECC (elliptic curve cryptography) into a solution. This was a major capability. The core team and I developed a build plan and began production the same week. Simultaneously, other team members continued work on the additional features I mentioned before. We decided on this strategy so there was not a repeat of what had happened earlier in the year: focusing on messaging and having nothing else in production. That same month, we were awarded “Startup of the Year”.

Now, it is evident this was a good strategy because our HIPAA compliant communication feature with ECC is working, we can include it in the first release, we have the additional features, and we have additional capabilities that would not have existed with the initial build attempt. Furthermore, we are leading with the physician side of the platform for market entry and will introduce the patient side at a later date. Our market entry will be on the integration of our features into a cohesive solution to bring physicians early utility and single side network growth. Simply put, let us give something to physicians they can immediately use, will find beneficial, and will bring them to the network.

The foundational concept of Agordia is the Storefront. This is the place of interaction, information and follows the rule of one storefront per person. Each storefront is essentially a website within the Agordia platform and each storefront possesses evolutionary uniqueness, such that a person’s storefront becomes different from all other storefronts over time. Each storefront has the ability to collect information, contribute information, connect with other storefronts, and communicate with other storefronts.

My vision, the company’s vision, is to create one storefront for every person.

The storefront is the thing you are most likely to undervalue and overlook, however it is what will make Agordia incredibly valuable and positions Agordia to become a major healthcare innovator. In this way, it is similar to Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple and so many others in that each started with something easy to undervalue and overlook.

Agordia is a platform for many apps

The 1st app is AgordiaMD. AgordiaMD version 1.8 (more versions coming) is in the App Store today, available on iPhone. It is exclusively for physicians with an MD or DO. It provides the following:

  • 2 million Physician Storefronts – each storefront is a micro site, the equivalent of a website in the Agordia platform

- One Physician, One Store – there is one physician storefront pre-made for every physician

- Power Search – every storefront is searchable, v1 uses 1st name, last name with or without specialty, or NPI

- Telephony – phone calls can be made to any storefront, to users and nonusers

- Universal Communicator – every storefront has encrypted, private messaging that is HIPAA compliant

- Roster – every storefront has a customizable roster for storefront connections

- Endorsements – 1 tap comments on every storefront

- Sponsors – social network navigation of endorsement contributors

- Commendations – an asymmetric digraph, 140-character limit written comments on every storefront (similar to twitter)

- Authors – social network navigation of commendation contributors

- Smart Invitations – a list of preestablished invitations in over 800,000 storefronts, unique to each storefront, shareable through iMessage, email, WhatsApp, and several other platforms derived from Agordia’s proprietary physician graph with more than 30M connections. This is Agordia’s main growth engine.

… And this is our initial market entry: providing a unique store for every physician and enabling them to connect, collect, communicate, and collaborate in a new way using leading technologies and optimized for mobile.

What you can download today is the lowest version, the introductory version of AgordiaMD. There are many improvements and new features that will be added. Many of these have already been made and are completing testing. Others are currently in production. Collectively, for AgordiaMD app alone there are 25 improvements and features coming in the next 3 months. So, my recommendation is to not limit your view to WYSIWYG today (what you see is what you get) but also consider what WYSIWYG will be in 3, 6, 9 months and more. (Check out our Release Notes below)

Note there are several more apps coming, now that the platform is ready. Every app will continue the concept of storefront. There will be apps for podiatrists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. The biggest will be, the patient storefront.

Android and Desktop apps will come as well.

Last year we were awarded Startup of The Year. This year, it is time to do something bigger.


1.9.0 Release Notes


We have added several tooltips throughout the app, it is not concierge level, but it will help you. It’s time to get popular: you will see the 1st stage of storefront metrics that show you how many endorsements, commendations you’ve received and how many colleagues have added you to their roster. There is also a new screen design when you access Physician Search that serves as an easy reminder on what to look for in any storefront If you want to use Communicator. For new users, we have added simple indicators in the sign-up process regarding use of email and mobile numbers. We have also dressed up our Subscriptions menu, it is not black-tie level but it is better looking and more informed. Our beautification has continued with the new look inside of Communicator. We all think it is easy on the eyes and it has made for faster user evaluation to help you determine which messages are most important and which messages you can come back to later.

Customer support tickets now include device and subscription information for logged in user or just device information for faster problem identification.


We’ve been fixing things. Physicians with hyphenated names have proper capitalization. Some users reported short delays in connecting to conversations inside Communicator, that is now faster. Some users reported disrupted access to specific conversations and that has been stitched and fixed.

Some users who subscribed to Storefront Blue could not access its features. We have made good cleanup and its certainly improved. We have more work to do to make it perfect, which is for future versions. We have made our Push Notifications more pushy by improving how the app asks for push permissions.

1.10.0 Release Notes

You see and we see, I before E except after C, we made our 3rd grade teachers proud by fixing a spelling error.

Communicator has gone through a workout. Our end to end encryption has a better ending with improved stability and bug removals. It’s loads better with faster loading times and faster navigating to conversations. We even added a dash of speed when sending messages.

We took notice on notifications and did a lot with just a dot. We added these InApp, with push and a bowl full of unread message indicators in TabBar, Conversation Lists, and Message Previews. To make our AppIcon Badge even nicer, we added a notification counter. We even brought our tap dancing shoes…now tapping on a Push Notification will dance you into the targeted conversation.

Throw in a few UI touch ups and we give you Version 1.10.0.

1.11.0 Release Notes

In honor of every flavor of premium ice cream, we made our own premium: The Premium Physician Storefront, it lets you create all sorts of yummy content, in any way you like. It is found in our new subscription called Storefront Gold. It is yummy.

We are sharing our love of dots and brought a new one to the family. You will see the new dot at your tab bar whenever you have an unread message.

We have also added a dash of shyness. When the app is in standby for a time, it will hide its screen.

We got critical with more Communicator improvements to our encryption and ElasticSearch allowing diacritics and emojis 😊.

1.12.0 Release Notes
Sometimes we just need to make things happen and now we have, with forced updates. But good impressions matter, so now every storefront has an impressions counter. If to look good is to feel good, then feel great with a brand-new theme color and a facelift to the Welcome Screen.

Speaking of faces, now you can show yours to other users with Facetime built-in to any storefront, whenever a mobile number has been added by its owner.

Sometimes getting your point across in messaging just doesn’t cut it, now you can make the cut even easier with phone calls straight from Communicator.

We know all that tapping on keyboards and buttons can get tiring, so we made spinning any store’s carousel even easier. It reminds us of some slot machines in Vegas.

Algorithms and Logarithms sometimes get mixed-up, so we did a bit of both with new verification algorithms that are logarithmically good.

Wrapping it up with a nice take-down on a fist full of bugs, the app’s startup time is at an all-time best: knocking it down as much as 75%. Wow and triple Wow!

1.13.0 Release Notes

Sometimes it is the little things that matter, and it is no different for bugs. We made several minor improvements, taking care of some of these little critters throughout the app.

We also brought on a new monitoring system to let us know when there is a glitch without a hitch.

And finally, after more than a thousand requests we are proud to bring you “The Physicians Choice” a special endorsement present on any physician storefront. It is reserved for the physicians you would go to if it were for you or a loved one that needed care.

1.14.0 Release Notes

The physician’s choice counts and now, so does yours… count, in a new homepage metric that shows how many selections were made.

We also found a few more bugs under the rug that we stomped out.

Add some more backing to the backend with additional security enhancements and we present to you V1.14.0

1.16.0 Release Notes (we intentionally skipped 1.15)

We brought a new restriction, it’s on subscription.

Now physicians have free access to AgordiaMD’s features, including searching for colleagues, building a roster for frequent contacts, modifying practice info and…HIPAA compliant messaging.

We also made many improvements for faster performance.

No payment required.

1.17 Release Notes

We’re not insecure but we are unique, so we improved the security on identity verification with a unique physician number and a measured amount of Ads.

Doing it because we don’t know any other way,


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