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Be Hot, Be

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If you’re depressed then you’re more likely to have cardiovascular disease. 
And if you’re depressed with cardiovascular disease you’re more likely to have a cardiac event.
Anti-depressant medication does not work well for one out of three people with depression.
So a study looked at the effects of a hot bath on depression, mood, and insomnia.
Since antiquity, Egyptians and Israelites used the rivers Niles and Jordan and Hindus the Ganges for healing. Roman soldiers used hot baths to treat burns and tired muscles.
A modern day study looked at the effect of hot baths for people with clinical scores of depression.
This low-tech approach to a significant health problem gave some early and promising benefits.
Taking just two hot baths a week for 20 to 30 minutes significantly improved clinical depression scores and reduced insomnia.
And the benefits persisted for weeks after the hot bath treatments were completed.