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Does wearing a bra cause breast cancer?

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The simple answer is no. Wearing a bra does not increase your risk of breast cancer.
The type of bra you wear does not matter -  wear whichever bra is most comfortable for you.
Wearing a bra at night is safe. However, if you feel more comfortable sleeping without a bra, that is fine too.
Typically during exercise, a sports bra or compression bra is used. This limits motion of the breast tissue during strenuous activity.  Women with larger breasts may need to wear two bras -one over the other-  to keep the breast tissue supported.
Always make sure the bra is properly fitted to your chest size and cup size. Ill fitting bras may lead to discomfort and breast pain.
Many women notice an increase in their breast size when they gain weight. Any changes in overall weight can lead to increased breast growth and may necessitate changing the bra size.
Specialty stores and some department stores may offer bra fittings so you can make sure you’re always wearing the right size.