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Go green for cholesterol

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Green tea has several potentially bioactive compounds. 
Many studies have looked at the effect of green tea on risk factors for disease and yielded mixed results. 
One explanation for this may be the inherent variability from one cup of tea to another cup of tea. Factors such as the brand of tea and steeping time might affect the amount of compounds available in the beverage. 
However, when these compounds were standardized into a capsule, meaning each capsule had the same amount of bio active compounds...
And given to healthy adults twice a day, for three weeks, there were favorable results...
Small decreases in blood pressure of 4 to 5 points. And for men with an LDL cholesterol of 100 or higher…
LDL cholesterol decreased by nine points, approximately 8%. 
Statins are medications commonly prescribed for reducing cholesterol. Depending on the brand and the dosage, statins reduce LDL cholesterol by 27–60%. 
It takes approximately six weeks for statins to stabilize cholesterol. 
Perhaps it’s time to go green... with tea.