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The not so Good - Cadmium and Chocolate

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Cadmium is a naturally occurring mineral that can work its way into our food supply.
Cadmium can be toxic, damaging our kidneys, lungs, and bones.
The Department of Health and Human Services has also determined that cadmium is a known carcinogen.  
And then there’s chocolate. A delicious and sweet treat with so many benefits. But some chocolates can contain cadmium.
The cadmium content in chocolate is associated with the region from where the chocolate came from.
Research shows the chocolate which geographically originates from Latin America and Africa are correlated with higher cadmium concentrations.
And simply because the label may say organic does not address cadmium content. 
Independent tests show as much as a 50 fold difference in cadmium content between different chocolate manufacturers.
With a leading and highly popular brand being the largest offender. 
Chocolate just got complicated.