Dr. Radha IyengarBreast Surgery

Who Treats Breast Cancer

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Treatment of breast cancer can be very complicated. This is why it takes doctors from different specialties to work together to get the best results for patients.
The radiologist is a doctor who specializes in looking at images of the breast. Images can include ultrasound mammogram and MRI. These doctors are also capable of performing biopsies of suspicious areas. 
Breast surgeons are surgeons who are only specialized in diseases of the breast. This type of surgeon can perform biopsies and surgically remove the cancer in the breast as well as any cancer in the local lymph nodes.
A pathologist is the Doctor Who will look at tissue under the microscope to make a diagnosis. Tissue sent from the radiologist or surgeon is examined and then a diagnosis is made. 
A medical oncologist is a medical doctor who aspecializes in treatment of cancer. The medical oncologist is the doctor that prescribes chemotherapy and other directed therapies.
The radiation oncologist is the specialist who provides radiation. Radiation is typically used after surgery to kill microscopic cancer cells. 
A plastic surgeon can help with rebuilding the breast after breast cancer surgery. We construction of the breast is covered under insurance for breast cancer patients. 
It takes a combination of all of these doctors to diagnose and properly treat breast cancer patients.